1. Go on a holiday
  2. Read at least 6 books
  3. Take a new course

I'm 137 days, 8 hours and about 33 minutes away from my 25th birthday and I recently came across these lists concept, I have been working on a 30 before 30 bucket list of things I would like to achieve but just like life goals, apart from long term lists, everyone needs short term lists.
these are a few things i'm hoping to get done before i'm 25 on the 22nd of December and I will be so happy to share the results with you all.

  1. Run a steady Business
  2. Launch my Heartdictions HQ online and mobile Shop
  3. Launch my line of @THEHDHQV Js.
  4. Start Dating
  5. Visit Omu resort
  6. Shoot Youtube Videos
  7. Buy a new lens for the camera
  8. Write a feature for a magazine or another website "Fashion Bomb Daily? here
  9. Visit Art Galleries "RELE & NIKE ART GALLERY"
  10. Read at least 2 books
  11. Write 5 posts on Lagos
  12. Learn how to use my camera
  13. Finish all my post ideas from June 2015.
  14. Take makeup tutorials
  15. Get my driver's license
  16. Sew an outfit from scatch and make a blog post
  17. Share at least 2 DIYs each month making it at least 8 before 25. (here)
  18. Spend a day as a tourist in Lagos
  19. Arrange my room and keep it that way for a month
  20. Go a week without TV
  21. Splurge & Save ( for every buy, there must be tripple the amount saved and untouched)
  22. Go to a beach or pool or take a trip and wear a bikini (view here)
  23. Learn one of this softwares well (photoshop, indesign, coreldraw or Illustrator)
  24. write a letter to my 25years self, write an update post, make a 25 before 26 list.

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