Personal style is funny. Today you are the Afrocentric girl who loves ankara turbans and dashikis, Tomorrow you are the girl who only wants to wear denim and the cycle continues.

During my course as a fashion blogger, I have watched my style evolve so much.

Sometimes I hate it, I find myself less daring these days, I'm more drawn to classic silhouette and styles. Those white shirt on denim look and all black looks are my favourite go-tos. I have even found ways to turn those looks into my work and hangout wears.
some days i am highly critical of myself when i dress up and i guess that is what I spent my last year blog break on - exploring and building my late 20 style.

Even though my self discovery journey has been on a high and stable slope, my style seems to be on a wobbly and emotional journey. Tied strictly around what makes me tick these days.

These past few months that question has been pretty easy to answer, Classics Colours, silhouette & style influenced strongly by anything that still fits (now that I gained weight and have become more African like my friend says,everything seems shrunk).

So excited for this year.


  1. I love love love this look on you! Plus I've been binging on your Instagram photos. The one of you in a red Ankara top with a skirt was very beautiful!!!

  2. That last line though, because you gained weight you're now more "African". Crying for the skinny girl gang. Loving this simple and laid back Dee! It's okay to not want to go all in when it comes to dressing up. Looking to see more of these simple, effortless yet practical looks.

    WanShyGirl Blog


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