Hey so i finally got around to setting my goals and intentions with the heartdictions planner 2018.
It took me a while because i wanted to make sure I was not in a hurry when i was doing it.
Yes, I'm always in a hurry or too lazy. Its the sixth day of the year and I finally filled in all the lines in the goal setting pages.
The heartdictions planner has an amazing strategy for goal setting.

It has four goal setting techniques - steps, First is the overall goal & intention setting for the year, The next is to break them into quarterly action plans, thirdly you go further setting your goals monthly thus putting them into monthly goals and finally implementing and achieving them through weekly goals.

This four steps ensure that if you diligently plan, you continue to stay on course as needed.

While setting our goals, I concluded that there are also four major questions to answer.

  • Where are you at (present position)
  • Where are you going (proposed position)
  • How will you get there (means of reaching proposed position from present position)
  • When do you hope to get there (Time you hope to get from present to proposed)
Please note all this factors are highly of essence.
It is in knowing where one is, that one knows where one needs to be and it is in this understanding, that one can figure out how to get there and the best time to get there.
Don't forget, "Goals that are not time based are wishes".

Always ensure that your goals are S.M.A.R.T goals. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-based).
Remember you are setting goals to achieve them.

The Heartdictions Overall goals & intentions setting page for 2018, covers all the major areas your goals should.
  1. Vision: Your guide through out the year. Mine is to be intentional, happy and more creative.
  2. Overall Goals: This for me includes the goal i want to mostly achieve in 2018 without specific details. Like ensuring to maintain good health, getting another degree and travelling.
  3. Career/Business Goals: This covers specific goals in those areas: Like renewing a certification or applying for one or getting a new store or machine to improve one's business. This lines should include direct and specific Career and business goals.
  4. Financial Objectives: This should include saving and investment plan, possibly financial independence strategy, income improvement plans and even debt payment plans that are specific.
  5. Spiritual Objectives: this for me crosses borders. From religion to health to fitness to mental health. Spiritual objective should include everything that you plan to keep you sane. From referencing God to getting check ups and so on. Your spirituality encompasses everything that keeps you at peace.
  6. Personal/Family Objectives: This for me includes personal development plans, relationship and friendship goals, personal health and fitness could also fall under this as well as family commitments and goals.
The planner also encourages that you break all this goals into quarterly action plans and focus on at least three goals in a quarter and tie achieving them to a reward so as to keep you motivated.
Rewards may include stay-cations, vacations, splurges and even indulges.


I'm so excited for January and as the theme of the year goes, BE INTENTIONAL, BE UNAFRAID!

Feel free to leave your questions below.

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