This is the second attempt at writing a review for my third audiobook listen.
It was The Black Unicorn by Tiffany Haddish. This book’s title was gotten from the funniest and possible the hardest memory from her childhood, and that was being bullied and called names.
This ook starts with Tiffany introducing us to her struggles in High school. She shared stories from how she chased her crush around, to joining the drama club, becoming the mascot as well as not being able to read till way into 9th grade.
Tiffany shows us what it means to be a hustler and an overcomer, with her constant scheming and her commendable negotiation skills.
She takes us on a journey of how she found comedy to her family struggles. Being the least favourite child of her successful mother who ends up in an accident that turned her psychotic and to the step father who confessed to being responsible for the crime but later denying it.

One thing is for sure in this book, Tiffany got stories to tell. Some about Dating, a few about pimping, sex with a handicap named Rosco, working Bar Mitzvahs and the whole nine yard of foster care.
In an attempt to keep this short, I’m going to share my Opinions now.
*Spoiler alert* Don’t read further if you would want to read this book.

For me this book was a lazy attempt at writing an autobiography. I sincerely wanted to love it but I just couldn’t. It was all over the place. The stories felt exaggerated. And there were barely any life lessons to learn. Truth is if you are looking to read a compilation of compositions, this is the book.
However, you are probably going to leave it feeling a little bit confused about why you needed to read it.
Tiffany had great stories but I wish she had realised why she needed to go through those things and written a book full of stories backed up with lessons.
What did I learn from this book?
·         Tiffany isn’t lucky she’s been struggling and hustling for a long time.
·         Jada Pinkett Smith is the big sister everyone needs.
·         Forward is the only way to go.

In conclusion, only read this if it’s your last option.


  1. I read this and I thought so too. At first I thought I was being biased because I read this right after reading Kevin Hart's "I can't make this up". But as I went on I realized that wasn't it. It actually wasn't a good book.

    I feel like she didn't think through the plot properly and so it was all over the place. I also think she wrote the book a little too early in life if that means anything. She should have waited till later in life when she is more seasoned and well rounded.

    In all, not entirely bad. It gave me a few laughs which I really needed.

  2. Tiffany really did go through a lot of stuff and she fought her way through to the spotlight.Typical black woman ish.Plenty ghetto talk, i'm still reading it and not done with it. It was poorly compiled, but she kinda explained she wasnt so bookie, so i get it but not everyone would. I loved the movie "Girls Trip", she was very funny.She was the highlight in my opinion.
    P.s:Its not something for kids, so its best if you keep it at the top shelf.

  3. See you being a real critique. I feel you need to go through my projects before I turn them in. I have a friend who does a brilliant job too at book reviews her name is Blessing


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