So I obviously like food and when everyone says eat your greens, I do. I like my Eba (aka garri aka cassava flour) with nice Efo riro (aka vegetable). I can eat that anytime of the day. I think I prefer it in the morning mostly, no better way to start a good day. lol
However today, I decided to not just abide with that popular saying but create mine by wearing my greens. This beautiful dress if from my RTW line, heart frock (@heartfrock on instagram) and what we do is pretty much sell and create affordable yet unique print pieces with a few classics. We carry your ideal ankara pants, shorts and dresses.
This "Mola" dress is available in long and short (priced at N10,500 & N8,500).
I recently had one of my many date nights with my friend, Teni and we talked about so many things, a lot of the usual things like how to do better generally with friendships, relationships, business and life. I went further to give her an insight into my life right now and even though i have written a yet-to-be shared article about it, I think its only right, that I mention it in advance for those who might need it.
Remember when i talked about A year of No and a trailer load of positivity here, well just like that I decided that every year or mid year, I will have a theme for my life. Not a resolution but a theme to live by.
The year of no brought me a lot of personal progress and joy. It also got rid of overwhelm which i dealt with a lot before deciding to say more No.
One thing to bear in mind is that these life themes, do not ever stop being applicable, the more you grow, you just keep adding more. It is like setting core values for your life really.
This year and year 2018 is my year of Intentional living, A year of INTENT.
A year that the company you keep, the places you go, the actions you take, the decisions you make need to be intentional.
A year that revolves around intentionally deciding on sticking with your set values and taking full responsibility for the things you do.
You see this is how i feel, and I am going to talk about the most popular aspect of most of our lives, because if you aren't dating someone, you have either dated someone, tried to keep someone or someone is dating
So imagine you being intentional about your relationships, first, your value system is high. This means you aren't just going to date anyone for any reason. secondly when you do, you are going to specifically make sure they are worth it, and when they are, you are going to be intentional about how you treat them, whether its in faithfulness, in reactions or in the way you love them.
Intent keeps your life goal oriented, specific and positive.
And I think that really is what life should be about. 
Intentional actions and decisions.
what area of our life do you think you need to be more intentional about? 
do let me know.

I'm wearing

Top: @HeartFrock Vintage
Dress: @heartfrock RTW
Bag: Zashadu
Shoes: Qupid (c/o Ronibe)
Sunglasses: @Heartdictions
Visit our store on 
email to shop us today.

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  1. Everyday intentional...

    Love your shoes...xxxx


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