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Functional accessories are the best possessions ever and just like bags and shoes, sunglasses fall in the same category.
If like me, you have rolled your eyes at the million of sunglasses stores that seem to have sprung up, we need to apologize. At least a little for our judgy eye movements, after all we live in Lagos, Nigeria.  
And when is Suns, it shines.
If you have followed my blog for a while, then you know I am not only a seller and wearer of sunglasses, I am also a collector. You would also have noticed, that I like my sunnies the way I like my shoes, unique and versatile. sells the very best range of eye glasses; they offer both sunglasses and recommended glasses in different styles and shapes.
A while back, I ordered* this rectangular piece from them and got it via the post office. It took about two weeks and I like that it came with a discount code for my next order and a nice plastic hard case that keeps it safe in my millions purses.
This is one of my favourite functional accessories, what are yours?

Sunglasses: c/o

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  1. I agree with you in terms of having various glasses because they are also accessories.I can't imagine having 3 shoes that are the this economy!


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