I have been scribbling things down a lot these days. I don't know if its the boredom of not having much to both do and look forward to or the new series I have been binge watching called Casual.
Casual isn't really my kind of series but i am such a movie buff that i would watch anything as far as it is film. And the thing about film is that once you can get past the hate or dislike of the genre, you get addicted and maybe even start to like it.
Casual centers around three major characters, a divorced mother, her daughter and brother. Their struggles, sexual explorations and the drama that comes with it.
Its actually not so bad, looking at life through people's eyes. The fact that even if you do not understand it because you haven't experienced it, you catch a glimpse into it. whether fictional or non-fictional, I like to think of films as an extension of people's lives and experiences, they may disguise it, water it down or turn it into comic, but everything you watch, whether its fantasy or based off true events, is as a result of someone's life experiences or someone's dreams and aspirations.
Casual as an effect on me, it makes me want to live life casually, not with sex but general life itself.
the actuality of just having fun day by day doing what you want, exploring what you like and inserting one's life into the life of strangers. I love that with this series, I can take the story line or theme and own it in any aspect of my life.
I'm wearing a blue tunic, styled with a doted throw over and wearing a wig that represents my alter ego. I f I ever get around to bringing her to life.
You see, this hair is not me, but my friend gifted it to me and i think its incredibly cute. I take my first sentence back, this hair is me, I just don't have enough pizzazz to truly pull it off.
what do you think about this look?
let me know.
I'm wearing:
Outfit & Sunglasses: @heartdictions
Wig c/o : Larin
shoes: Zara 


  1. I actually think you are pulling off the hair well. I love the look on you and those Zara shoes complimented the outfit and sunnies well. Def going to download the Casual series when I see free WiFi. Hehe.


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