I can't tell you the days have had, nor the weeks have had, nor all the little details and sorrows have endured. That would be unnecessary!
I would love to share my joys with you though, mainly because for you to understand how i can find joy in the face of sorrow and find rainbows in cloudy skies, you would have to be someone who appreciates life, and not just life, Journeys!!!
I have spent a good part of my life in doubt and that might not change anytime soon, chances are you are asking yourself, how can someone so positive claim to be doubtful but truth is I am.
However, All the sorrows I have endured this year alone keeps reminding me of who I am and who I should be.
Now I know I am capable, I know I am strong, I know I am relentless, I can confidently say I am a winner and all this because life decided to be a bit harsh on me.
How is it that we haven't truly realised that Bad brings good with it.
How don't we see that when Bad is done, Nothing else can come but good.
In the past few weeks, I have contemplated why i need to be kind, why i need to be good to anyone or why i need to have faith ...In that same time God has shown me that I am not alone, A lot of people have stood for and with me and a lot of people have helped me cross bridges I couldn't have on me.
Now all I see are sunshines, brighter and brighter.
And even if/When the sun is taken away from me, it would only show me the rainbows in my cloud.
All i'm trying to say, is always choose positivity.
Yes i'M BACK!

Outfit Deetails
Turtle-neck Tee \\ @HEARTFROCK
Bubble sleeve blouse\\ @TITIBELO
Jeans \\ Vintage @HEARTFROCK

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  1. I love the location of your photos, the yellow flowers really make the picture pop. You look very fashionable, love the outfit.

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