You might know that I have been working and working hard on a project or two, well its almost here.
I decided to warm you up into my new soon to be launched ecommerce website Heartdictions.com and my new ready to wear line, HeartFrock.
I have been working on both projects for close to a year now and its been my dream for the longest time.
Heartdictions.com is going to not just stock items created by heartdictions, but it will curate selective pieces from your favourite designers and brands.

If you have businesses and would love to stock with us kindly email us Hdhqgoods@gmail.com, It's officially going to launch in May but before then, you can still order items off the website like this beautiful ankara jacket by heartfrock.

Please please please, support my business, I have a few about pages you can read to get the overall goal of heartdictions.com and a few to understand where my head is at.
Please read, subscribe and get ready to shop the most affordable and well curated pieces.

we will keep you #Heartdicted.

Jacket// Heartfrock Buy here
Slip: Heartdictions Vintage
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Therapy

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  1. Love this look! Well done 😊

  2. I love this! Congrats on your line. I hope your prices are favorable :p

    Berry Dakara Blog

  3. Gorgeous kimono Desola. I love how you've styled it!



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