You know what is fascinating to me? Well its how I have managed to run a life and style blog without film in it.
I know I always put up #DeeMovieReviews on instagram but i never have brought it here.
I'm the kind of girl who would always choose films over books and cinemas over libraries and Film is an essential part of my life.
I always say FASHION FILM FOOD are my favourite things to do for fun.
Today, I will be lazily sharing a roundup of Five of my favourite shows to catch right now and ending it up with an extra five to catch if you want to laugh.
This is Us
Think of your favourite family moments and your worse ones, now think of the memories you had or wish you had, That is what This is us offers. It's a new show presently with only  18 episodes but let me warn you, each and every episode is filled with twists that would warm your heart. 
It revolves around four/five individuals, 3 of whom are triplets and the family they are born into.
This is us is one of my favourite shows because it addresses everything from being a good father to marital struggles, sibling rivalry, finding love, dealing with failure while chasing ones hustle and finding oneself.
If these themes seem like one you will be interested in seeing play out then do watch it.
Let me also add that its well casted and the quality of the production from direction to dialogues is one that will keep you glued to your seat.
If you are anything like me look forward to the best fight/argument scene in film history (shot on one take).
It's very binge-watching worthy.

Big Little lies
If there is absolutely one thing film should do, Its bring together a great cast and create a classic story that addresses a social issue.
HBO did that with Big little lies, It reminds me so much of another favourite of mine, Secret and lies. It also reminds me of devious maids, starting with a dead cast and trying to uncover what happened and who was involved, but the difference is this isn't just your typical crime drama, these series examines family, friendships, secrets, stereotyping and like I mentioned earlier social problems.
The excuses people make for others, what keepS them in relationships they don't want to be in and in the end it also addresses how secrets can be a binding force of friendships.
Big little lies is an 8 episodes series with the most diverse A-list casts who killed all their roles perfectly. Its intriguing, slightly cliche but a social statement that could work as a counselling tool for those in similar situations.

Being Maryjane
So If you anything like me, you might have gotten bored of being maryjane in the beginning and stopped because it seemed to be about sex and started as a knock off version of sex and the city but the truth is just like me, you need to go back to it, Being mary jane doesn't just explore and apply to the life of an almost forty something, It takes up the hard role of addressing the problems of strong black women who want and need more and how relationships might come and go just because of that same strength.
Being Mary jane is today's Sex and the city without fashion but with more ambition.
Its a show that every female should watch, I particularly love that it explores the issue of self sabotaging (which is in itself a post for another day).
I also love how it introduces the world to the struggle of single "ambitious'  women and how unlike popular beliefs, they search for love, strive for balance while also keeping their family life balanced.
No show as shown these issues in such brighter light.

House of cards
You gotta see this show.
You gotta see this show.
You gotta see this show.
You gotta see this show.
You gotta see this show.
You have gotta see this show.
House of cards explores strategy, intelligence and the importance of the right relationships and partnerships. It explores how the world in itself is a house of cards and how you should always be ready with your next move, It explores marriage, and how sometimes ambition is more valid than love and how understanding is more important than trust.
House of cards is my favourite show and i can't wait for it to be back in MAY.
You gotta see this show.
The underwoods can't be mesed with.

Just like BMJ I stopped scandal for a season and managed to catch up these season and even though we are not americans and might not necessarily care about politics, This show is one that is filled with quality drama and explores love, politics, strategy and family.
It is one that also tests it.
You probably already watch scandal.

Thats all, but before i go, Let me add that if you want light hearted shows full of comedy and fun, watch; New girl, Dr. KEN, Fresh off the boat, Blackish and Big bang theory.

Seen any of these shows? which is your fave and do you have anything to add to this review?
let me know in the comment.

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  1. Stopped watching House of cards and Scandals. Cos my issue with these shows is that I am bad at keeping up so I end up not understanding or getting tired of it. If you can do another review of series that have been completed it would be great for someone like me. Love this tho. Would definitely check out Big Little lies and being Mary Jane.

    1. Thank you seun for stopping by, i will definitely do that.x

  2. I usually watch shows others aren't currently watching or that are too weird and different. I love bobs burgers, the jokes are weirdly funny. Just the way i like it.

    1. Yesss!!! I watch bob's burgers too.


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