Girls can be funny, when we wear a new hairstyle that is somewhat out of our comfort zone, we approach our friends or acquaintances with the look of "I don't like this hair". When truly all we want is their approval or opinions.
The moments they say they like it, we light up immediately but when we get negative opinions we start to consider loosening it because we lose all our confidence.

The most annoying one is when the house is divided, some like it while some don't. then we start having mood swings in motion.

This illustration's behaviour is larger than just feeling comfortable about a new hairstyle, this behaviour depicts how we perceive ourselves. How we yearn for acceptance and for approval.

I have had to constantly look at myself and restructure and rebuild my self opinion.
I have gone through many phases and stages of feeling like a failure, feeling not good enough, feeling like i just can't do it by myself, feeling like others have it better and just talking a lot instead of actually doing.

And it was important to me that I asked myself, How I see and perceive myself!

so i'm taking this minute to ask you, How do you see yourself? 
If everyone around you reflects their own self perception on you and tell you you can't achieve it, Do you feel otherwise? or do you just believe them?
How strong is your self perception? and how positive is it?

I have a task for you, Think of one thing you always wanted to do, write it down, write down what is holding you back and read it loud.
when you are done, write below it, I am holding myself back and then read it again from the start.
Do you agree?

Forget the finances, the unfamiliar processes, the people you don't have or know and the factory or space you will need.
First believe you can do it and then start small.

The way we see ourselves, affect everything.
it affects our successes, friendships, relationships and progress.

Nobody ever tells us to build an image of ourselves, and the truth is we end up going through life with a self opinion handed to use by others, opinions that always have a lot to do with our excesses, weaknesses and inability instead of strengths, successes and adequacy.
and that's why its so important to me that i share this with you.

When i was in school, my lecturers picked on me, talked down on me, starved me of 1 and 2 points to round up my grades to an higher one, but majority of them i have ran into after graduation, seem to always know i would excel and apparently, so did my classmates as well. 
However, i spent all those years in school hearing just loud voices and whispers of how inadequate i was and how unserious i was.

It took me a while to build the right image for myself by myself and the truth is that its a continuous process but remember, if you don't do it, no one else will.

So i'm begging you, stop giving people poser, delve into your life in your quiet time and write down all the good things you have to offer, while reminding yourself that although you aren't perfect and you are a work in progress, You are very much.........................(fill in the gaps).

Let me round us with mine,
Although I'm not perfect and I am a work in progress, I am very much the very best at all i do, the most resilient, selfless and strong willed, go getter I know.

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