Yayy! I'm Female so I'm Human!
I had to finally announce that, seeing that I now think like normal girls do and kind of have a faint idea of how I want my wedding's vibe. Yes vibe not dress or look. Just the feeling and vibe that i'm looking forward to.
My many years of chick flicks and romantic comedies never prepared me for my wedding day, you would think that my obsessive relationship with cartoons will at least do as well but nope they didn't. Infact the closest I have come to wedding day dreams is my recent obsessions with Giovanna's wedding.
for Christ sake, she killed it.
If I were her husband I would never ever forget the day I married a fashion princess and pace setter.
Now let's talk about why I hate weddings and specifically Nigerian weddings.

The first scenario is about support and perspectives, I have a friend who makes clothes and I think and know she is fabulous and super talented and just needs support to take her to the next level.
It's my wedding day and though I have decided to shop my wedding dress and splurge, I have to make bridesmaid dresses. Instead of calling my upcoming and talented designer or tailor friend, I go on Instagram and search Nigerian celebrity designers then go meet them for my bridesmaid dresses and second wedding gowns in hopes that I can grace their pages as a client and maybe even make it to bellaNaija weddings.
Above is the general mindset of the average nigerian female and it is so annoying. Not only because these brides or bridezillas forget to support their friends but mainly because of the reaching.
The worse part is how when they get disappointed, they come back to those friends they first considered not good enough.

The second reason is the need to overdo and overkill, Yes its your wedding & its your budget. i do however advice that you use your own standards as yardstick instead of trying so hard to surpass someone else's wedding, How about you focus on just having fun and doing the things you generally love. Like dancing and eating or providing good food and music to your guest.
Enough of those bubble or Michael Jackson inspired entrances. Sometimes less is more. Everyone likes brides and grooms who dance in plus its a good way to start making money (*wink*)
The third reason why I hate weddings are hashtags and trends, I recently saw a girl put up a thank you post on instagram thanking her friends who reposted and tagged big websites "helping her trend". I was a bit taken aback because I was yet to get the memo that Trending is the real happiness attached to engagements. Moving on to the hashtags *rolling my eyes* I get its use but I really still hate them.
However, I'm hoping to use #bey&jay2018 if that ever happens.
The fourth thing I hate so much you probably already know are prewedding shoots, Why can't a nice clean headshot of you both do, why the struggle of going to Dubai for pre-wedding shoots and all those many unnecessary craze that a lot of people try. All those really insensitive photos as well.
Yes its your wedding but if you trying to rub it in my face then please please put more subtle effort.
My take on wedding is this; Fun! Music! Family! Joy! Food! and true love.
Once all these are covered, then I'm good.
Lets not forget to include all Giovanna's dresses to this list and the day becomes even more perfect.
With weddings, I would say try as much as possible to stick to a budget, use every help you can get around you before taking the cheese to outsiders.
Also make sure its not you pushing the other person to do what they don't want, remember that you can't redo the day or take it back so Define your own idea of happiness, perfection and wedding.
Truthfully speaking, there are more reasons I hate Nigerian weddings like how the small chops would sometimes not get to one's table, How the fish and chips or the oriental dishes only go to specific people and How there are separate aso-ebi for each family when its supposed to be a celebration of a union and oneness. I may actually hate the idea of aso-ebi all round but it does have its own aesthetics. I have only ever enjoyed one wedding sermon and it was most definitely not a muslim sermon (no discrimination just fact). 

All in all there are so many things to hate but also so many things to love if done right.

the wedding that made me fall in love with weddings and wedding fashion.x
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  1. Lol! Could relate with some of these. There's def no need to really overspend - there's life after. Didn't have a hashtag because I wasn't on Instagram a couple of years when I got married. Plus didn't exactly have a pre-wedding shoot. Oh well, whatever works one. But weddings, should be fun - and although I don't attend a lot, I def love them!

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  2. Wow, Deemako you really killed it with this write up. Why not try writing like this most of the time. Really loved it

  3. I totally agree that weddings should be about fun, music, family, food and true love. I also dont get the pre-wedding shot craze these days, people steady wanna out do each others madness. But then there will always be crazies and over spenders. I am just here for the free food.



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