Hello there!
How's your week going?
I'm sure the thought of salah break is keeping everyone excited.
For me I feel really gloomy that my break is gradually coming to an end.

On the brighter side, Today's double dose features the beautiful Jennifer of Nigerian and Natural.

Today's theme explores business formal dress code and putting a touch of you to create a business casual sort of feel.

Jennifer who chose this theme after having to think about it for a while said she decided to go with it because even though " I don't exactly dress that way all the time, it best describes my style: always comfortable, sometimes chic and edgy".
She also says her style is comfortable, bohemian and eclectic; basically what people will consider as odd. 

I personally like this look because it's  a two in one look and it also explores both of our personal style.
Also the fact that most times I go to work in similar and even more casual looks makes it so easy for me to relate with.

However, you don't have to go to work this way if your work doesn't permit it but it's a easy hack if you have to meet up with friends after work or catch up with a show or a less formal event. 

It is also a good way to maximise your wardrobe, you don't have to have defined sections of say work clothes when they can be explored and worn for whatever occasion or event.

Tip: Just by adding a hat or switching your shoes, you can go from formal to fun.

I'm still jealous of her hair by the way. It's so gorgeous and she is so good at making it look good.
Do check out her Blog on and follow her on IG @nigerianandnatural

Thanks for stopping by.

We are wearing:
Dress: Random store in Maryland(Lagos not America😂)
hat: random store at Ikeja Underbridge
blazer: Dorothy Perkins from Debra's grace 
heels: borrow pose😉
sneakers: Jumia

Jacket/Top: @thehdhqv
Skirt: Micheal shumaker
Shoes: Jumia
Bag: Zara

Photo || @Nkemmere
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  1. Two of my fav bloggers. Niceeeee. Jen I see Dee has infected you with the 'dee mako' signature pose loool.


    Touch Of P!nk

  2. Yay! See me!
    But my tummy *weeps* #FitFam activated.
    Thank you for featuring me Desola! I had so much fun. I wish I could pose like you but I shall be practising.
    Nigerian and Natural

    1. hian. lol, I had so much fun don't worry you will be a bad ass poser with me.

  3. Nice looks! Love the coloured wall as always!

    Mira La Belle

  4. Dee, you didnt give detail of your hat?? love your sandals.

    You both slayed the look, not too dressy.

    1. ohh i eddited details from my phone sorry about that. thanks.x

  5. Nice hat :)
    Maria V.

  6. I love your shoes dee. Jen's ensemble is effortlessly chic. I like the spiked bangles, sneakers and that purple lippy is everything. Accessorising well revamps an attire.

  7. You both did a great job with it. Excellent looks!!

  8. Your bags are so identical!
    See Jen oh, awww you guys look good! Naturalistas! <3

  9. Beautiful outfits ! I love it :)

    Follow me on GFC, I always follow back.



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