Hello and Happy new week to you.
This week just like last week I will be sharing a series of related posts showing you how to style denim pieces, with themselves and with other pieces in your wardrobe.
This past weekend I had Three weddings to attend, my school mate got married and the top in this post was the Aso ebi (uniform) of the event. I was excited that the fabric is yellow because as you already know yellow is my favourite colour.
I made this top and a fitted maxi skirt with slits on both sides but just like most days when i look really good, I couldn't take a picture because even though I had my camera I left the memory card at home.
It was also a classmate of mine's wedding and Blogger Buiti of fashionitaz , Happy married life to you love and may God bless your union.
Denim are classic pieces we all probably own, I'm almost certain that at least 80% of the entire world would atleast own a denim piece. 
Most of us stick to pants i.e jeans trousers but my recent obsession with finding more creative pieces have widened my personal collection of denim.
I found this piece sourcing for pieces for @THEHDHQV and i was going to add it to the items for the store but it got stained during dry cleaning so I decided to keep it in my styling wardrobe.
Off shoulder tops are very trendy now and they work so perfectly with denim, whether it's a classic patch mini skirt like this or a nice flare denim pants which is equally in this moment.
Tips: When styling a mini skirt whether denim or not, Go conservative at the top wearing a free blouse or top that is lengthy enough to give the illusion of volume that would translate to decency and class.

I started made a list of 24 things before 25, a kind of bucket list of short term goals, check it out here and let me know what you think.
By the way what is your favourite piece of denim? and why do you love it?

Thanks for reading.
Love always.

I'm wearing
Top: Deola's Aso ebi
Skirt: The mako 'Heartdictions' shop
Shoes: Street Buy
Watch: Michael Kors
Earrings: Balogun Market

Photography || Nkemmere x Kennedy Somto
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    Keep in Touch xx Rabea from germany

  2. great look

  3. Great combination I like the bag it's amazing :)

  4. love your top, you always were vibrant clothes love your style <3 Playful and cute :)

    Capturing Life Memoirs |

  5. Your hair!!!! Love the color of the aso-ebi.

  6. Omg the lace!! I love it
    & are you Gambian?

  7. Abso-effin-lutely Gorgeous!
    such a happy colour



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