Nope I'm not in Gambia nor I'm i from but this gorgeous dress that was gifted to me a few years back is from Gambia.
I initially weighed keeping or gifting this dress when I stopped talking to the person who gave me because he wasn't just a friend but also an Ex.
And just like so many unspoken rules and unique situations, there are so many ways to justify getting rid of things and keeping it.
I stopped wearing it for a long time but I recently found it again and since we have both had occasional convos recently I felt it was okay to dust it, bring it out and even feature it on the blog.
let me ask at this point;
Would you wear an item an Ex friend or lover gave you after you all are done? why?
Moving on,
Being African is so sweet, Reason? Because a lot of non Africans expect so less of us that when they actually see all or even quarter of what we have to offer they feel almost
See how gorgeous and colourful our outfits and prints are. See how uniquely we merge our cultures and styles with that of other continents and deliver so beautifully. See how rich and beautiful this dress is.
In the spirit of being African, I threaded my hair with rubber, not just for the stretch but as a constant reminder that there is nothing uncool about my culture and our hairstyles.
Growing up I never did this hairstyle because my mum was always against discomforting a child but as an adult with choices and a voice to relay my pains I decided on it.
I wore this hairstyle to work for two days and had it on for about three and the half days and everyone was not just surprised but in awe.
There is definitely something great about knowing yourself, exploring and being comfortable in your own skin and environment.
there is also something about knowing that conforming to rules will never make you an household name or an icon.
And being an Icon is my new goal.

I'm wearing

Dress: c/o Dams from Gambia
Accessories: Old
Watch: Michael Kors

Photography || @tweentyforthstreet
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  1. I love the styling. I love how you dint try to modernize the outfit. It shows the beauty of our culture and history.

    And I would totally wear something my ex gave me especially if the break up was amicable

    1. thank you Tomi, true about if the breakup was amicable.

  2. B-E-U-TIFUL! am always proud when africans defyconvention and show the world how rich,varied,and trendy we are. FYI: I love the courage it took to wear this style to work. One has to be total confident of her own appeal as to women to rock this look good. Kudos!

    1. thanks Millie, means alot coming from you.

  3. you look gorgeous! I love this dress!

  4. If its really nice i will definitely keep it. Nice dress, love the hair thing.

  5. WOW this is just amazing!! Great post, can't wait to read the next one!!
    Thanks a bunch for your support on my blog,I am glad you liked my recent post on My Pan AM Experience:

  6. You look so African chic!

  7. Hi!! your maxi dress has beautiful colours. Thanks for the lovely comment in my blog :)
    Yes, it will be great to follow each other, I'm following you now in G+ and Bloglovin, please, follow back in both :) xxx

    1. Our culture is very rich and beautiful, I'm glad you like.

  8. Love the colour pallet of this outfit! ^^
    thansk for commenting on my blog~ sure we can follow each other ^__^
    Following you now #225, your turn :')

  9. I love your glasses!!! And the print on your dress suits you well. Btw, Thank you for your comment on my blog! Yes I'd love for us to follow each other! Just followed you, now your turn! Keep in touch! xoxox


  10. Great Post!
    Would you like to follow each other on G+, Bloglovin, GFC? I'll follow back after it.

    Thank You! ^^

    Official Seol ♥

  11. Nice Post! How about follow each other on GFC and Google+ ? If yes, follow me and i follow back as soon as i see it. Let me know with a comment on my Blog

  12. I think I can wear it cos it's my cloth. The gown is looking so lovely.

  13. I did thread my hair when I was lil, the dress is just like print heaven. It's beautiful
    Well girl yup I would wear a gift from an ex, it's like a souvenir and I take it as a lil payment for time wasted.

    1. lools...nothing in life is time wasted but i get what you thanks

  14. It takes a lot of courage to wear that hairstyle in public! Kudos to you! I bet you got loads and loads of stares and reactions. Your outfit and hairstyle looks so good on you!

    1. thank you. I do o but that's never my aim.


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