hello guys,
I'm really enjoying writing about things that could help you all not just become better people but that would help inspire you and make your dreams come true step by step.
so if you have been thinking about blogging.
whether fashion blogging, personal style blogging, lifestyle blogging, health, makeup, food, art and other types of blogging and you have been wondering what you need to start blogging, well here i am with a list of ten must haves for every aspiring blogger.

IDEAS: When and after you decide to start a blog, you would realise that Ideas are everything, for fashion blogging your ideas translate into concepts and then to posts. They carve a niche for you and open doors of opportunities that lead to followership and sponsorship. The need to also build your small ideas from the first big idea is key. Starting a blog in itself is an idea, the small ideas that would make it up would include post ideas, breakdown / communication ideas, feedback ideas, blog design/ layout ideas and so much more. Your ideas make up your blog so its important that you are an idea person. You must learn to pull inspiration from everywhere and every need and problem around you. 
WEBSITE: this is obviously the second most imp prerequisite for blogging, you have to decide if you want to self host, or use blogger, WordPress or even Tumblr. Depending on the kind of blog you are looking to start its important to choose the right host.
Also after building online presence, its also very important to brand, have a logo, a favicon, a good blog theme and layout and at the long or short run a custom name.
You don't need professional help for this the more you explore the web the more you see Add ons that you might like or want.
GADGETS: When it comes to blogging, these would become your best friends and most prized possessions.
  • CAMERA: A good camera is super important, a nice digital camera if you don't need pictures for your day to day blogging or an affordable Dslr if you take a lot of pictures. Presently I personally don't own a camera so I tend to borrow my brother's or get him to tag along when I'm going for events and sometimes when all this fails I miss out on a good content for the blog.
  • LAPTOP: Even when you don't work as a full-time blogger, its important to have a good and fast computer to blog from, research with, Edit on and so on. Its like a great necessity. Blogging from another source apart from your computer is both strenuous and ineffective.
  • GOOD PHONE / TAB: A good phone is real important, if you own a good phone that takes amazing pictures, then you might not need a Digital camera. When you are travelling light for example, a good phone can be a great substitute for posting blog updates, catching up on your social media, taking and documenting pictures and Ideas and writing a post. Same goes for a Tab, just by attaching a keyboard you can set up a temporary blog office/space on each travel and post blog posts as you wish.

SKILLS: if you want to start a blog, its important to learn and develop so many skills, some major skills would be your writing skill, photography skill, editing skill and even communication skill.
Its important that as time goes on you have better pictures, better contents, better style, better concepts, better blog layouts and even better communication skills. The growth of your blog should grow your personalty, talent and skills.
SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE / NETWORKS: In this world of Hi5, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM & SNAPCHAT, and BLOGS. I understand that keeping up might get a bit crazy, but social media is everything, if you want your blog to grow, if you want to relate with your readers on a personal note and even become a part of their lives, you need to join atleast 3 to 4 of social media accounts and network groups. Bloglovin' is a good social network site for bloggers, Lookbook and chictopia for Fashion bloggers, Instagram is a must-have especially if you are vain or you love photography and so on.
long and short social media is key, its a must, after all there is nothing totally private about blogging, even if you are blogging anonymously, your opinions are still public.
NOTEPAD, HARD DRIVE OR FLASH DRIVE: I don't think i can overstress the importance of carry a notepad with you, whether its to write down an idea, get a contact, share your contact, write an information, it is key that you have a note pad and go along with it for everything.
Also even though the Hard-drive and Flash-drive should fall under gadgets, they fall here because you need them to collect certain information. if you don't own a camera like me and you make the right acquaintance at an event they can transfer some pictures for you.
i even go as far as carrying my memory card everywhere just in case i run into a photographer or a friend that i can use their camera.
PASSION: So you have finally done about ten posts and you don't get enough comments, or you don't have followers or you are just really feeling uninspired and tired, this is when passion comes into play. Your idea for your blog should be built around something you are very passionate about. so it feels more like fun than a job.
I will play dress up even if I'm ill so deciding on a Life and style blog was no difficulty. Sharing restaurants reviews, places and events reviews also is something i enjoy doing as i like to eat and explore.
Blogging gets tiring, i have taking one official blog break and several unofficial breaks because i was tired, exhausted, uninspired, unmotivated and felt like  the blog wasn't growing, My passion was what as kept me going so far.
FRIENDS & ACQUAINTANCES (Weak & Strong ties):  if you have read The defining Decades then you would understand what i mean by weak & strong ties.
Strong ties share your interests and opinions about certain subjects and matters, so having blogger friends, editors, web and fashion designers, makeup artistes, photographers, fashion people, event people and people who could help you at certain point is key. You definitely need people to invite you or remind you of social events, people you can attend events with, people who can host giveaways on your blog and those who can help you with other things.
Weak ties on the other hand are people who you met on social media, spoken to once, never met, have different interests and ideas. when it comes to needing to get rare information about certain products, getting something outside your skill done and so on, your weak ties could help you with all this, so long and short, its important to stay nice to everyone you meet even if you are antisocial.
FUNDS/ RESOURCES: Look up again at this list, you would realize that to be a successful blogger you need resources and funds, Internet cost for one especially in Nigeria is a cry for help, i can't and wouldn't even go into how much i spend on a monthly basis on my phone internet bundle talkless of the one i spend blogging, buying gadgets, upgrading to better ones and designing a website all need funds to be achieved so you know what i mean.
try as much as possible to only spend on relevant things, if you are a fashion blogger explore the vintage shops/market, look for flash sales and always ask for a group offer when shopping, eating out and spending money generally.
Make sure to cut your coat according to your clothes and look for a good source of money to fuel your passion.
GOALS: Why do you want to start a blog? this is the one question every interview carries when you become a blogger. when you have succeeded in making a blog that people would check, read and follow, its important to know why you want are blogging.
Just like business goals,its important to set goals for your blog. answering questions like What you want to achieve? when? how? why? where?.
the goals keep your passion alive and in turn your passion keeps your idea alive and all this leads to a successful blogging experience.

Note: We all measure success in different ways, sometimes its by your follower-ship, recognition, comments, endorsements, sponsorship, money. its important to realize that the true measure of success in life is through happiness.
have fun blogging and i hope you learnt a thing or two.
leave your comments and questions below.


  1. ROSELYN KJuly 23, 2015

    Yes. All points are true Mako. To succeed in blogging, one really does have to invest.
    Time and resources are a prerequisite even when u have the best of ideas.
    Nice post.
    P's. .I've extended the giveaway on my blog. Check it out. 

  2. Surbhi SuriJuly 23, 2015

    so great to sum it down. Love yr efforts for us all.
    BTW followed u ..
    New Post on my blog, do drop by soon ,<3

  3. Iyesogie OgieriakhiJuly 23, 2015

    Literally bookmarking this, you've been on a blogging streak that I'm loving. Passion is all it takes, it determines it all. If you have every other thing but lack passion it's a total waste. 

  4. Tuke MorganJuly 23, 2015

    Sogie, I totally agree with you, she is on a reaaaal blogging streak. I'm loving the consistency and the variety in terms of content. Keep it up girl!

  5. Jennifer AbahJuly 23, 2015

    Your tips are on point!
    I also don't have a camera but I'm saving up for a DSLR.
    As you said, having a good phone/tab is super important.
    As a matter of fact I'm not sure I have blogged with my laptop in the past 2 years!
    With a good phone/tab, you can take and edit pictures(eliminates camera), type and upload posts + keep up with social media(eliminates laptop), jot down ideas(eliminates notepad) and share stuff(eliminates flash drive).
    Passion and willpower are so important in blogging; they keep you going even when no one likes/comments on your posts. Eventually, as you keep working and improving, you gain a readership.

  6. titilayo beloJuly 23, 2015

    Thanks for sharing, I needed this! Very Inspirational. Been clueless about a lot of stuff. like Iyesogie said, I'm bookmarking this too.

  7. The GlowingColoursJuly 23, 2015


  8. Yes i need a dslr as well but the price alone is scary i plan on investing in one still gathering the money abd for internet try spectranet so far they seem to be the most affordable i do the 20gb package for 7k with the mifi so i carry it everywhere with me 

  9. Sheila LouisJuly 23, 2015

    This is awesome!! This post is so on time!!

  10. Simply UneekeJuly 23, 2015

    This was so well put together. i love how you gave advice in details. I have a camera but looking into Dslr, and one most important is motivation.

  11. Fashion JunkieJuly 23, 2015

    amazing advices ! they would be very helpful since I'm a new blogger! thank you so much :))

    New post here! Visit if you like, I'd be thankful :) xoxo

  12. francis toluseJuly 23, 2015

    True tips you've penned down here. As the thoughts flow, you pen down and develop per time.
    Weldone Desola Deemako. 

  13. Chic TherapyJuly 23, 2015

    Great tip!

  14. Jackline AJuly 23, 2015

    Gosh from blogging for 5 years I can relate to this advice when I started blogging, one big thing I would say is to have good time management skills if you are not doing this full time. I have gotten consistent and very serious about my blog and I see a huge difference in my numbers, and opportunities I have gotten. Love the picture!

  15. This is epic on so many levels. I agree with everything . I still need to work on my communication skills and socila meda. I dont have very good people skills :( Thanks for this wonderful article.

  16. Truly appreciated. This has definitely put things into perspective for me. I admit, I don't have everything listed, does that make me less though?


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