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Remember my post on my 2014 resolutions here? one of the few things I said I wanted to achieve do was to colour my hair, after contemplating on the what colour and when to get it done, I finally got around to doing it during the weekend.

Since realizing that writing and sharing reviews are a good part of blogging, I decided to share with you naturalistas, bloggers and friends a review on my hair dye journey.


Dye type: Permanent hair colour

Price: N1300


  • Creme color developer
  • Permanent creme gel hair color
  • Argan oil intensive conditioning treatment
  • High-lift booster blonding powder for ginger blonde packet
  • Argan oil treatment 
  • Instruction sheet
  • gloves



the pack the dye comes in is ok, it should have a nylon seal though, i had to carry it around for days and by the time i got around to dying my hair, i had to search for every single item because the pack had flattened.

all the products have good seals because non of them spilled.
its also nice that it came with the argan oil conditioner and treatment.
(i bought the treatment earlier this year from the market, seeing this made me realised that the probably removed it from one of the dye packs). 


  • read all the 'easy to use' instructions inside attached leaflet.
  • prior to dying do a sensitivity test by applying the dye to a small sensitive skin area such as your hair or neck (i omitted this but you should do this)
  • also do not use a metal container or utensils
  • if you react to this dye please wash the area  thoroughly with water and dispose do not use the product.


I dyed my hair at the saloon for N1000 and it was almost like getting it done by a friend, so the process can actually be done at home alone or by a friend.


step 1: wash products out of your hair if you have applied conditioners or oils ( the dye states otherwise but note that having hair products can actually affect how your hair turns out)

step 2: dry your hair preferable with a towel.

credit: google

step 3: part your hair into smaller sections depending on how much 
hair you have and pack each at the root, leaving the tips free.

step 4: wear hand gloves

step 5: mix the high lift booster powder, the permanent creme gel with the creme color developer in a plastic container

step 6: stir and mix thoroughly

step 7: apply to the tips of the first sectioned hair with a brush or with your gloved hand and massage it in well.

step 8: repeat step 7 for each sectioned area
Note: its important to section the hair so as to have uniform colour at the tip of all your hair

step 9: Wait till you get your desired shade.

(check desired shade by taking a single strand of you hair and checking at intervals)

step 10: wash hair thoroughly with lukewarm water, apply shampoo then condition with argan oil conditioning treatment.

step 11: i also conditioned thereafter with my olive oil replenishing conditioner (optional)

step 12: rinse and apply the argan oil treatment and style as you want

my hair on the 3rd day


I had my dye in for about 45mins and i must say this dye lifted very fast, i had my hair blown dryed because i had somewhere to go.I didn't wear a cap or foil or even go under the dryer during the 45mins. also my hair obviously didn't come out in ginger blonde but came out in a shade i'm still trying to figure out the name, but for black hair, my hair did good and the dye did even better.

 room condition: normal room temperature


the owner of the saloon i dyed my hair is also a naturalista, she tried to discourage convince me not to dye my hair even though she had colour in hers, because she said she had used this product twice without seeing any result and that it was her fourth dying routine that gave her the little colour she saw.
this was my first time since i became natural and i saw results.

in this world of hustling, permit me to insinuate that there are probably fakes of this product out there, so be sure to buy it from a credible super market or from a store that stocks only hair products.
Also normally my hair sheds and breaks a lot which i would assume normal for natural hair but since four days since i dyed my hair and with my daily combing, i have surprisingly had no breakage since i dyed my hair though my hair gets very dry.

 I hope this helps you guys that are looking to add colour to your natural hair, for those of you that already have colour, what did you do differently or do you have any other information to share? let us know in the comments.

( I hope to do more natural hair posts on routines, product reviews and related posts so watch out)
Disclaimer; As usual, this is not a sponsored post.
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  1. Beautiful post, really interesting! You look so adorable! xx

  2. It turned out great! So cute!!

    <3 Shannon

  3. Great job, it turned out fine. I love the colour.

  4. Looks great. Can't wait to try

  5. I just stumbled on this and I think I know more about this dyeing process now, been dreaming of adding color to my hair

  6. Hello I had some creme of nature hair dye black of course, but I mixed it about a month ago,can I still use it?

  7. Hello I had some creme of nature hair dye black of course, but I mixed it about a month ago,can I still use it?

  8. Hello I had some creme of nature hair dye black of course, but I mixed it about a month ago,can I still use it?


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