My wedding adventure!
On Saturday, a friend of mine got hooked at yard 158 in oregun, ikeja.
I had almost forgotten about the wedding until a mutual friend called to remind me that it was the next day, I had to go for a school fair that day also,  
 But who doesn't like party, food and  fun? Definitely not me.                 
         The wedding colours were aqua blue and purple. 
(check pictures here )
The hall decor was so beautiful and trust my tribesmen and their everly Beautiful asoebi trends.
By the way is it just me or is 'asoebi' now gradually becoming an English word. 
           Back to  the wedding, the bride and the groom looked so beautiful in all their attires, from the yoruba's iro and Buba to the edo's traditional attire and rounding it all up with an amazing English look, the bride looked so gorgeous in her pink evening dress and the husband in his semi formal look.

The following information are the opinions I had on a surface, but I was also able to finally Confirm some of them were true.  

My observations on wedding guests especially female guests.

After sitting down for about 5 mins,  I began to see a parade of different kinds of people, mainly 3 different kinds.

We would call the first type 'the Bold'.

The bold represents the females who are 'married', whether distant, open or unhappy marriages, ' engaged', whether it's a rock, steel, diamond for the past 4 yrs or 4 days and finally the expectant/ mothers, whether by chance or by trance. 
The bold guests; walk up and down, feeling they know it best, deeply wishing they had it as good as the bride and groom or their other friends or internally critiquing everything. They look down on every single girl around them and feel like they truly deserved their invites.

Coming with accessories like their husbands and kids

The second type we can call the 'confident'.

This group represents the guests who came with their boyfriends, lovers, beneficial friends or boys they just met.
The walk hand in hand with him, they sit down observing and day dreaming about their own lucky days, they get a sense of assurance that they are so special and important to the guys they came with, the want to have fun but also want to behave properly, they mostly tend to wear dresses outside the wedding colours because it was a last minute invite or they decide to wear coordinating outfits with the guy they are with.
They despise the third kind of people and watch their every moves. The have little or no fun because they are to busy feeling important or trying to remain picture perfect.
They don't eat enough, drink enough or have enough of anything.
The third type we can call the 'vultures or the desperate'.

This group of guest come wearing the most skimpy outfits you can imagine, they believe you can never show too much boobs, ass or too much legs.
The don't respect the wedding host and spend more than half of their time scanning the single guys in the hall or venue. They don't strictly come looking for love they also come looking for money.
You know what they say, "while you are busy waiting for love make some money".
Most single girls belong to this group.
This set of people make the wedding, because they interact, dance and have fun at every point.
The first group keeps their wandering eyed men away from them and the second group, their uncommitted lovers.
men look forward to seeing them.

The final and bonus group I call "ME". 

Single? Yes, I am. Wandering eyes? Just for about fifteen minutes, after that I get bored, get some liquor and start to dance my ass off.         
You know what I say; 'why go to a party when you can't dance'.

In frank and honest conclusion,  we won't and can't all get married at the same time, or meet prince charming on his white horse, or even get a fairytale wedding. It's very important to understand this and make an effort to discover ourselves, love ourselves and put ourselves first.
We need to learn to be happy with others and also be happy with our situations.
Marriage will come! Don't rush it!
Being married or pregnant,  will never make you more superior. 
lastly, selling your self-respect for love, money or even lust, never does any good. 
P.S: all this analysis are at least 60% true...
which do you belong to? or do you want to add your group?

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  1. Looks like I fall into the confident group.

    1. lool...i hope you try to have fun tho. its very necessary o.x

  2. Lol...i totally loved this post, I'm not sure i know what category i fall into oh, lol, but amazing post dear :)


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