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narrowing down my wardrobe and wading through what i should keep or let go, i found this article i wrote for at style vitae very useful.

With the craziness of trends and fashion here and there, the need to define one’s personal style keeps lurking around but just like there are basic ingredients when it comes to preparing a meal, the same concept applies for every woman’s wardrobe.
Essential items are the backbone of a functional and perfect wardrobe, and with an arsenal of quality and perfectly picked and fitting essentials, you should be able to mix and match a lot of outfits to get your desired style and occasion appropriate looks.
The following are 12 must-haves for every woman’s wardrobe whether she is a rock Starr, stay-at-home mom or nine-to-fiver.
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Jeans are the biggest form of investment any woman can make, finding a perfect pair can make you feel ready to conquer the day world.
they are a must have and even though on an average you end up having three to five jeans you consider perfect, Finding perfectly fitted jeans with the right cut is one of the hardest things to do.
When shopping for jeans, remember that colour and fit is key, dark coloured jeans would go with practically everything, so I would advice that you go for dark shades when picking one out.

Ever had those church mornings or Monday mornings when you woke up grumpy and you just couldn’t figure out what to wear?  Remember how that black skirt was the perfect solution? Then I need not explain why the fitted black skirt is on this list. Every woman needs a chic fitted black skirt in her wardrobe. It offers the perfect mix of smart and casual and can be styled up or down according to the occasion.
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Whether it’s the seamless white or orange pants or even the print ones, having a pair or two of perfect pants is a must have for every woman’s wardrobe. They are vibrant, stylish and easy to wear; extremely versatile and can be paired with any top, ranging from neutral/basic tops to other prints such as stripes, polka dots, leopard prints, floral prints or even denim shirts.

Remember, these pants are all you need to create a formal, casual or a daring semi-formal look on a Friday in the office. The fit is also very important, it should not bag underneath or be too tight at the back, also when it comes to rise, if the crotch hangs too low, it will reduce the leg length and make you look dowdy. If it’s too high, it can be uncomfortable and unsightly.
For an easy day, night or daytime-to-playtime look, be sure to pick pants with flattering waistline which falls an inch above or below the belly button, also with good cuts and the right lengths. Choose also flared or penciled bottoms or slouchy slacks made in different patterns to spice up your look.

A classic white shirt is a very versatile piece; it can be worn for work, casual weekends and even on vacation.
 Classic white shirts are a staple that everyone should have several of in their closet.  Whether to wear to work, nights out, or for a casual lunch date, these shirts will take you to any event day or night.
 A classic white collared button down can be paired with so many different looks.  They can be worn business professional under a suit or dressed down and paired with shorts or a skirt. Going simple with the look allows for some bold accessories and an extra pop of color.
In sheer, it gives a softer more feminine feel to any look. You can also go for the fitted style or the classic boyfriend shirt. The crisp nature of a white shirt keeps it refreshing and absolutely breathless.
 There is always an occasion to wear a white shirt.  They can dress up or dress down any outfit.  Bold accessories and colors always work well.  They are basically a foolproof addition to any type of outfit that you want to wear!
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LBD as it is commonly called is always in style, setting a great background for statement jewelry. It encompasses simple elegance like no other fashion piece. It can go from work to play with an effortless addition of accessories. Break out your favorite necklace (or, if you’re working with a tricky neckline, opt for bold earrings), Simple sandals and a sleek clutch and elevate the LBD from evening to ballroom.
Remember to stick to your comfort zone when picking this dress. Think length, neckline and figure shapes.
Whether cocktail dresses or party dresses, they are simply timeless, seasonless Classics that will make you feel beautiful and fashionable at any time. You can’t go wrong with it.
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You might not know it yet, but this versatile piece could just be your new LBD.
Although perhaps a bit intimidating if you’re yet to try the trend, just think of a coloured dress as a slight (and slightly cooler) update to the classic black dress.
Most people would say a little black dress is an essential, but seeing that the little white dress and even classic coloured shift dresses and shirt dresses are here to stay, I would say having a dress in your favourite colour in your wardrobe is a must have for every woman.
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A basic pump in suede or leather is the ultimate go to; they pull together an outfit and add instant sophistication.
Having comfortable high shoes in nude or black are a must for every woman, nothing gives your basic look more lift than those shoes that you can walk confidently in. The basic black or nude pump is Versatile, Timeless, Practical, Convenient and Fashionable.
There are so many varieties now, from the open toes to the sling backs, when it comes to height, I would advice that you go for 2’ to 3’ inches for comfort.

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-          BALLET FLATS
They are the ideal run-around shoe, and a preppy wardrobe staple, when it comes to ballet flats a basic black or a bright colour is favoured.
Extremely feminine and always stylish, ballet flats are a popular choice for dressing up clothes without adding height or killing your feet.
They offer style options from casual to dressy, and can be paired with jeans, or they can add a feminine touch to pants and suits.  Go for versatile colors, like black and taupe, and if you really want to jazz things up go for leopard or snake prints.
more looks here

-          SCARFS
Scarfs are the best most basic accessory every woman should own, they are outfit fixers, coming in handy during those bad hair days and also very useful when styling up or toning down a look. When buying scarfs, opt for bold colours and prints such as animal, vintage or floral prints.
 Scarfs also stand as great substitutes for neckpieces. Scarf bags, dresses, belts and turbans are a few successful DIY exploration of this accessory.
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-          PLAIN WHITE TEE
Choosing the perfect white tee is not as easy as dropping into a store and buying any basic white tee, it’s all about choosing the right cut and fabric for your body. When deciding on shopping for a white tee remember that the fabric, sleeve length, neckline, size and sheerness is a major point of consideration.
Whether you decide to opt for a singlet or a long sleeve tee, styling this piece could easily take you from casual to formal in a twinkle.

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Blazers are always chic and never go out of style. Unlike normal outwear, blazers reveal a hard and rough temperament for women while also adding a stylish and sophisticated touch to any outfit.
This season, there are many shapes and styles to choose from. The classic BF style blazer in classic fabrics like dogtooth and herringbone, Denim blazers and jersey blazers with some featuring extremely edgy stud detail to the lapels and shoulders. It’s a must-have piece of every season – it looks amazing teamed up with skinnies and leggings and also helps tone down the ruggedness of distressed jeans.
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-          THE ‘IT’ HANDBAG
The handbag is an essential accessory every woman carries around and not just for fashion purposes, but also because of its incredible utility, storing everything from sanitary needs to our purses and phones.
An ‘IT’ handbag is the perfect combination between utility and accessorizing. It becomes just as important an accessory as the shoes. Nobody would go out barefoot, so the bag should not miss either. It can complete a look perfectly and add that small touch without which something would just not be right.
When choosing this Regardless of your style, go for neutral colors like black, brown, tan or nude to be sure it will match all your outfits. They are very stylish and can be worn with several outfits without any problems.

Whether you are having a wardrobe revamp to defining your style or having those mornings when you just can’t figure out what to wear, having these twelve classic elements to turn to would act as a blank canvas you can build your outfits on. They are trend proof, flexible, the wardrobe foundation, an all season style saver and an outfit multiplier.

By Ms. Mako
(article written for style vitae but they didnt get back to me :) )
p.s: i take no credit for any of the pictures except mine.


  1. Truly they are all wardrobe essentials but we could add a statement neckpiece

  2. i agree with every piece choosen.....this might be my new guide for shopping.
    Well done Mako

  3. This is indeed an exhaustive list; you sure listed all the essentials.

    Thanks so much for sharing.


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