Hi F.Arcs!!!!
How are you all doing?
Its about 3.30am, and I haven't been able to sleep...feeling really crappy!!!
Last Saturday we went for Needle Work's fusion summer collection exhibition at Ikoyi, It was fun, the collection was so beautiful and inspiring, from the Ankara beaded throw pillow, to the nice mix fabric dresses, not to forget those very beautiful shoes that caught our eye...God how I wish!!!!

We couldn't take pictures at the venue though...long story but we took pictures of what we wore!!!!
btw i think sleep is already calling....looolz


incase you are wondering about the background location....it wasnt the venue o, we had one of our impromptu fashionitekture meetings so we decided to grab a bite during it.....hehheeehee
good night to those of you awake and good morning to those of you just waking up and good day to i'onno again sef....

also dont forget the BIG 6 GIVEAWAY O....CLICK HERE

......thats all folks
stay beau

stay beau


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